Is Ryabe a Legit Website? Read This Honest Review

Ryabe has piqued your curiosity, but doubts linger. Can this online fashion hub be trusted? In short, yes. My recent exploration of Ryabe’s offerings confirmed its legitimacy.Before you take the plunge, let’s delve into my firsthand experience and ensure you navigate the world of online fashion with assurance.

Upon landing on Ryabe’s website, I was greeted by a polished layout and an enticing selection of trendy attire.Their commitment to ethical production and community engagement added an appealing layer.But as they say, the devil is in the details.So, with a blend of excitement and caution, I embarked on a shopping expedition to put Ryabe’s claims to the test.

About Ryabe

Ryabe is an online clothing company founded by two sisters and  aiming to offer fashionable attire while promoting ethical production practices and community support.Their website showcases a variety of trendy garments, enticing customers with promises of quality and style. However, discrepancies between advertised products and customer experiences have been noted.

While Ryabe claims to prioritize workers’ rights and fair compensation, the lack of substantiated evidence raises doubts about the authenticity of their sustainability efforts.As consumers, it is crucial to approach Ryabe with cautious optimism, conducting thorough research before making purchasing decisions.

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What is Ryabe?


It is an online clothing company that specializes in offering trendy attire for women of all ages. Founded by two sisters, their mission is to provide stylish clothing.While also emphasizing ethical production practices and community engagement.

Is Ryabe Sustainable?

Despite claims of sustainability, Ryabe’s practices have come under scrutiny.While they prioritize workers’ rights and fair compensation, the absence of concrete evidence raises doubts about their sustainability effortsCustomers should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making purchasing decisions.

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Where is Ryabe Located?


It operates online but is affiliated with locations in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States.Their physical addresses include spots in Cambridge, UK, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and South Atlanta, GA, USA.

Where are Ryabe’s clothes made?

Ryabe proudly states that all their clothing is manufactured in South Carolina, United States. This emphasis on domestic production may appeal to customers looking to support local industries and ensure quality standards.

More Shop Details

Delving deeper into Ryabe’s operations reveals intriguing facets.From their website’s origins as a reverse online auction platform to affiliations with legal entities like XBP International LTD and BOMAI ADVERTISING CO., LIMITED,  there is a rich tapestry of background information to explore.Insights into their warehouse locations, return policies, and shipping timelines provide a comprehensive understanding of the company’s inner workings.

Ryabe Review and Order Details

In my Ryabe review, I meticulously examined my shopping experience, from placing an order to receiving the package.Despite swift delivery, the reality of the items fell short of expectations. Each garment’s quality and fit left much to be desired, highlighting discrepancies between the product images and the actual items.


Despite encountering hiccups in the return process,it eventually provided a full refund.The journey was not without its challenges, including delays and multiple requests for the return address.While the refund was eventually processed, potential customers should be aware of potential hurdles when navigating Ryabe’s return and refund procedures.

1) She Loves You Daisy Cardigan

Color, Size and Cost: Grey / L / $42.99

  • Country: Made in the United States
  • Material: Cotton / Acrylic
  • Expectation: Different appearance than anticipated, lighter gray in person
  • Quality: Acceptable, though not exceptional
  • Fit: Slightly loose, according to size guide
  • Verdict: Decided to return due to high price and slight dissatisfaction with appearance

2) Orange-Print Two-Piece Set

Color, Size, and Cost: Orange / M / $56.99

  • Country: Made in the United States
  • Material: 45% Elastane / 55% Rayon
  • Expectation: Significant differences in appearance, thinner and darker than expected
  • Quality: Subpar, with noticeable loose threads
  • Fit: Despite discrepancies, it fits well
  • Verdict: Opted for return due to unexpected material quality and appearance

3) Turquoise & Orange Hawaiian Vacation Wrapped Mini Dress

Color, Size, and Cost: Blue / Small / $42.99

  • Country: Made in the United States
  • Material: 40% Elastane / 60% Rayon
  • Expectation: Vast differences from expectations, thinner material and faded colors
  • Quality: Below expectations, thin material and non-stretch despite claims
  • Fit: Slightly small, not as stretchy as anticipated
  • Verdict: Despite cuteness, returned due to poor quality and size issues

Shipment Info

My order from Ryabe arrived swiftly and all items bundled together in one package.Tracking information was provided and the package reached me in just 11 days.

Return & Refund Info


Returning items to Ryabe posed some challenges, requiring multiple requests for the return address.However, once approved, the refund process was efficient, with a prompt reimbursement following the return.

Support Experience

Although I faced some delays and initial offers of partial refunds, Ryabe’s customer support eventually provided the necessary assistance. Despite minor setbacks, the support agent whom I talked to, Linda Dreeszen, ensured a satisfactory resolution to my queries.

Is Ryabe Legit or a Scam?

When scrutinizing Ryabe’s legitimacy, certain red flags emerged.Despite successfully navigating the purchase and return process, I uncovered unsettling practices, such as the use of counterfeit postage.This discovery casts doubt on the company’s integrity and raises concerns about their adherence to lawful business practices.


My personal experience while concluding with a refund, exposed questionable behaviors that tarnish Ryabe’s credibility.Therefore, caution is advised when considering transactions with this retailer.Potential customers should exercise vigilance and conduct thorough research to make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Similar Sites & Analysis

Upon further investigation, I uncovered similar sites to Ryabe and conducted a comprehensive analysis.Plagiarized content was detected on Ryabe’s About page, raising concerns about originality.Suspicions arose regarding counterfeit postage and questionable product image editing practices, casting doubt on Ryabe’s integrity.

Do I Recommend This Shop?

Considering my findings and personal experience, I cannot recommend Ryabe as a reliable shopping destination.Despite a smooth transaction, issues such as counterfeit postage and plagiarized content emerged.Potential customers should exercise caution and explore alternative options for a secure shopping experience.


Where is Ryabe located?

Ryabe is located in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Where are Ryabe’s clothes made?

According to their product pages, Ryabe’s clothing is made in the United States.

What is Ryabe’s return policy?

Ryabe allows returns within 30 days of delivery, but only accepts returns for quality issues.

Final Thought

Ryabe appears to be a legitimate online clothing store.But my personal experience uncovered some discrepancies between advertised and actual products.While I ultimately received a refund, potential customers should approach with caution and conduct thorough research before making a purchase.

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