Grace Sunny Review – Don’t Waste Your Money!

My experience with Grace Sunny was far from pleasant.Despite my anticipation, the swimwear I received fell short in quality and fit.From missing items to subpar construction and each piece left much to be desired. 

Attempts to address these issues with their customer service team proved futile, adding frustration to the mix. In hindsight, I wish I had heeded the warning signs and chosen a different retailer for my swimwear needs.

They are a scam. I tried to return items but could not get a return address.Had to resort to a PayPal claim.Stay tuned as I share my experience and thoughts on their clothing quality. Join my subreddit r/ClothingShopReviews for more insights and support.

About Grace Sunny

Grace Sunny sells swimwear online, claiming trendy designs at affordable prices.But lacking focus on sustainability.Their Facebook page shows most managers based in China, indicating a likely base there, offering free shipping for orders over $69.Returns allowed within 15 days of delivery, with plus sizes up to 26/3X available.

Grace Sunny’s website registered in May 2021, affiliated with FashLady Ltd and ChicLady Ltd, suggesting potential ties to fast fashion.For those wary of fast fashion, caution is advised, and researching before supporting any brand is crucial.

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What is Grace Sunny?

 Grace Sunny

Grace Sunny is an online store specializing in women’s swimwear.They aim to offer trendy designs at affordable prices, catering to fashion-conscious customers looking for stylish options for the beach or pool.

Is Grace Sunny sustainable?

Unfortunately, Grace Sunny does not appear to prioritize sustainability. There is no mention of their efforts to minimize their environmental impact on their website, suggesting they may not be actively engaged in sustainable practices.

Where is Grace Sunny located?

Based on information from their Facebook page, Grace Sunny’s managers are primarily located in China, indicating that the company may be based in or have significant operations in China.

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More Shop Details

Grace Sunny provides free standard shipping for orders exceeding $69, along with a 15 day return window for added convenience.They offer a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes up to 26/3X, ensuring inclusivity in their product offerings.

Grace Sunny Review and Order Details

My recent experience with Grace Sunny involved ordering multiple swimwear pieces.However, upon receiving them, I was disappointed with the quality and fit.From incorrect colors to poorly constructed designs, it was evident that the products did not meet my expectations.

 Grace Sunny

Placing my order with Grace Sunny seemed promising at first, but the reality fell short.The swimwear pieces I received were not as described, leading to a frustrating experience with the brand.

1) Sunset Floral Crop Bikini Set

Color: Sandy Brown

Size: Medium

Cost: $28.99

Made in China


 Shell 1: 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

 Shell 2: 85% Polyester / 15% Spandex

 Mesh Lining: 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex

Expectation: Color discrepancy, not as warm toned as depicted.

Quality: Subpar, with tight bottoms and loose threads.

Fit: Top fits well, but bottoms are tight.

2) Floral Ruched-Front One-Piece Swimsuit:**

Color: Mahogany Paisley Floral

Size: Medium

Cost: $30.99

Made in China


 Shell: 85% Polyester / 15% Spandex

 Mesh Lining: 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex

Expectation: Ill-fitting design, ruched area appears loose.

Quality: Poor, with loose threads and subpar construction.

Fit: Correct size, but ill fitting on the body.

3) Crochet Sexy V-Neck Beach Cover-Up

Color: Black

Size: One Size

Cost: $28.00

Made in China

Material: 50% Acrylic / 50% Polyester

Expectation: Matches expectations in appearance.

Quality: Mediocre, with fragile material and loose knots.

Fit: One size fits well, but material feels fragile.

Shipment Info

Grace Sunny

I received my order from Grace Sunny in one package at my address in North Carolina, United States.The package came from a warehouse/distribution center in the United States.It took a total of 15 days from order placement to delivery, within the stated shipping policy.

Return & Refund Info

Despite encountering issues with the items I received, getting a return address from Grace Sunny proved challenging.After multiple attempts, I had to resort to filing a dispute with PayPal. However, once PayPal intervened, I received a full refund of $116.98.

Support Experience

My interaction with Grace Sunny’s customer support was disappointing. Despite reaching out multiple times for assistance, I faced delays and unhelpful responses.The team is reluctant to provide a return address and their repeated offers of partial refunds left much to be desired.

Is Grace Sunny Legit or a Scam?

My experience suggests caution.Despite their promises, the reality was disappointing.From missing items to poor quality, red flags were abundant.Their refusal to provide a return address raised serious concerns.It was not until I escalated the issue with PayPal that I received a full refund. 

Grace Sunny

If you’re considering Grace Sunny, tread carefully.While my experience may not be universal, it is essential to weigh the risks.Dive into reviews, do your research, and proceed with caution. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to online shopping.

Similar Sites & Analysis

Copyleaks flagged plagiarism on Grace Sunny’s About page and hinted at potential authenticity concerns.Reverse image searches revealed identical products elsewhere for lower prices, casting doubt on Grace Sunny’s pricing and originality.

Do I Recommend This Shop?

Considering my experience and findings, I cannot endorse Grace Sunny as a trustworthy retailer.Issues with product quality, customer service and potential plagiarism raise significant concerns.Prioritizing reputable shops and thorough research is crucial before making any purchases.


Does Grace Sunny offer plus sizes?

Grace Sunny offers plus sizes up to 26/3X to ensure inclusivity in their product offerings.

How can I contact Grace Sunny’s customer service?

You can reach Grace Sunny’s customer service team via email at [email protected] for assistance with any inquiries or concerns.

Are Grace Sunny’s products sustainable?

It does not prioritize sustainability, as indicated by their lack of information on eco-efforts or community initiatives.

Final Thought

My experience with Grace Sunny has been disappointing.From subpar product quality to frustrating customer service, it is clear that there are significant issues with this online retailer.While they may offer trendy swimwear at affordable prices, the lack of transparency and accountability raises concerns about their legitimacyAs a cautious consumer, I would advise exploring other options for swimwear purchases to ensure a more satisfactory shopping experience.

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