10 oz Gold Bar: Why It’s a Wise Investment Choice?

 When one is looking for a 10 oz gold bar as an investment, the matter of cost is seldom a real issue. These bars, which cost around $23,000 each, have become one of the most costly products to purchase. Nevertheless, at relatively high prices, 10 oz Gold Bars remain one of the most efficient ways to obtain the precious metals. This contradiction arises from the concept of premiums in precious metals investing. Specifically, it is due to the relatively low percentage-wise premium charged on large bars, which makes them more attractive for those with the means to make a significant initial investment. 

Let’s check out why you should invest in 10 oz gold bars!

Weight Size and Purity of 10 oz gold bar

Ten-ounce gold bars are engraved with the bar’s weight, purity, and series number. A standard 10 oz gold bar1 weighs approximately 311.035 grams or 0.685714 pounds, consisting primarily of 99.99% pure gold, though some may vary slightly at 99.9% purity. As long as the gold bar has a fineness of .995 or above, they are considered bullion that can be stored in a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account or IRA. 

These gold bullion bars are typically rectangular and are commonly sold individually in a plastic sheath to preserve the product from damage.

Why Invest in a 10 oz Gold Bar?

The primary reason or motivation people give for purchasing gold bars is the eternal worth of gold. Gold is one of the most common precious metals in global markets and has been used in trade for centuries in the form of minted coins and bars. Given its inherent value, it remains relatively stable regardless of economic turnover, which makes it a good candidate for long-term investments. 

A 10 oz Gold Bar is ideal for investors willing to invest a large amount of capital when purchasing gold. Such bars are typically more affordable than smaller bars and, therefore, allow investors to purchase large quantities of gold at reasonable costs.

Additionally, their compact size enhances the ease of storage. A 10 oz gold bar shaped rectangularly can be securely stored in home safes, bank deposit boxes, or other preferred locations. Bars often embody classical values of gold, which are at the same time reasonably durable and serve their purpose well throughout the years.

Pros and Cons of Investing in 10 oz gold bar

The accumulation of 10 oz Gold Bars has benefits and factors that the prospective buyer should take into consideration. Let’s dive right into the pros and cons that can help you make an informed decision:


  1. High Gold Purity: A 10 oz Gold Bar commonly contains .9999 fine gold purity, which will provide you with the highest gold content for your money. Due to this purity standard, they are regarded as the best when it comes to direct exposure to the value of gold without involving premiums of gold bullion coins.
  2. Low Premiums Over Spot Price: At times, 10 oz Gold Bars come at comparatively small premiums over the spot price of gold vs. smaller denominations. Larger bars, therefore, cost less per ounce, which is advantageous for buying large quantities of gold.
  3. Classic Look and Feel: These bars have a very basic and plain look, which can be very appealing to investors interested in the quality of gold and not so much in the visuals. This simplicity is what makes them consistently value-oriented.


  1. High Total Price: With prices typically exceeding $21,000 per bar, 10 oz Gold Bars require a significant upfront investment. This high cost can be prohibitive for investors with limited budgets, potentially limiting liquidity when it comes time to sell.
  2. Limited Variety and Availability:  10 oz Gold Bullion Bars are limited in variety and availability because the production cost is high and people’s demand is low in comparison to other sizes. This could limit choices for investors committed to a particular brand or those searching for a variety of products.

Sifting through the benefits vs. drawbacks will help you make the right decisions about investing in a 10 oz Gold Bar.

Some Popular 10 oz Gold Bars You Should Buy 

Perth Mint 10 oz Gold Bars

Minted with .9999 fine gold since 2010, each 10 oz Gold Bar proudly features the Perth Mint’s iconic swan logo on the front and a hopping kangaroo on the reverse. These bars are well-sealed and packed in tamper-proof containers with a VOID label in case the pack is opened. The Perth Mint was established in 1899 and is located in Western Australia with base support from the state government. Its bars are recognized worldwide for their quality and trustful workmanship.

PAMP Suisse 10 oz Gold Bars

Well acclaimed globally for their high quality and stylish finish, the PAMP Suisse 10 oz Gold Bars have the Lady Fortuna™ design on the reverse side. Each bar contains .9999 fine gold, has its own serial number, and is packed in CertiPAMP™. On the front side, there are markings of weight and purity, a serial number, and an official Assayer-Refiner mark. The reverse side of each 10 oz Gold Bar illustrates Lady Fortuna™ – the goddess of good fortune, prosperity, and luck, accompanied by the symbols of sheaves of wheat and cornucopia. 

PAMP’s pledge to responsible sourcing via the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade promotes ethical production processes. Their VERISCAN™ technology gives them the best-in-class authentication feature and adds to their security against the risk of counterfeits, making them popular with investors.

Valcambi Suisse 10 oz Gold Bars

Valcambi Suisse 10 oz Gold Bars, making them an embodiment of Swiss craftsmanship and a testament to the finest .9999 fine gold. On the one side, there is an emblem of Valcambi Suisse – four large obtuse triangles grouped into a square and stamps of weight, purity, and the mark of the assayer. Each gold bullion bar is serialized and comes with an assay card encased in a capsule to ensure that its quality is conserved when in transit as well as in storage. 

Having gained a reputation for maintaining high-quality levels accredited under the Swiss Precious Metals Control law, Valcambi Suisse provides investors with the option of requesting deliveries in anonymity or having their purchase stored with Valcambi Suisse.

Closing Thoughts

A 10 oz Gold Bar can be expensive to purchase initially; however, later on, they are more cost-effective than most gold bullion products. Though expensive, these bars are quite low in the per-ounce premiums to give good value for sizable gold quantities. Their purity and simplicity make them more desirable as stable assets.

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