Snopes calls Ice Spice’s Super Bowl ‘devil horns’ symbol ‘harmless,’ admits she wore inverted cross

Ice Spice’s hand gestures at Super Bowl LVIII ignited a firestorm of controversy, with many viewers interpreting them as demonic symbols.This heading will delve into the initial reactions and widespread speculation surrounding Ice Spice’s gestures, setting the stage for a detailed exploration of the ensuing debate.

This section will delve into Snopes’ initial dismissal of claims regarding Ice Spice’s necklace as conspiracy theories, contrasting it with their eventual acknowledgment of the pendant’s true nature as an inverted cross.It will highlight Snopes’ role as a fact checking authority and their journey towards clarifying the situation.


TMZ’s intervention in the controversy will be examined, focusing on their efforts to defend Ice Spice’s image and refute claims of satanic symbolism.This section will explore TMZ’s role as an entertainment news outlet and their impact on shaping public perception of the situation.

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We will delve into the symbolism behind Ice Spice’s necklace, discussing the significance of the inverted cross and its various interpretations.This section will explore the historical and cultural context surrounding the symbol, providing insight into its nuanced meaning.


This heading will explore Taylor Swift’s hand gesture at the Super Bowl.It commonly referred to as the “quiet coyote” signal and its role in the controversy.We will analyze the significance of the gesture.Its potential implications within the broader context of the event.

Allegations against Ice Spice’s Balenciaga wardrobe will be examined in this section, highlighting the backlash and subsequent responses from both Snopes and TMZ.We will explore the controversy surrounding the upscale brand and its potential ties to satanism, providing context for the broader discussion.

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Here, we will reflect on the broader implications of the controversy, discussing the challenges of navigating symbolism in popular culture.This section will explore the importance of critical thinking and open mindedness when interpreting symbols and their meanings in today’s digital age.


In the final section, we’ll discuss the importance of moving forward with a more nuanced understanding of symbolism and interpretation.We will highlight the need for continued dialogue and exploration of complex issues emphasizing the value of seeking truth and understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

Table of Contents


 How did Snopes respond initially to Ice Spice’s Super Bowl hand gestures?

Snopes initially dismissed claims as conspiracy theories.

 What role did TMZ play in addressing the controversy surrounding Ice Spice’s appearance?

TMZ played a pivotal role in defending Ice Spice’s image and refuting claims of satanic symbolism.

What is the significance of the inverted cross pendant worn by Ice Spice?

The inverted cross pendant worn by Ice Spice holds symbolic significance often associated with rebellion or alternative religious beliefs.

Can you explain Taylor Swift’s “quiet coyote” hand gesture at the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift’s “quiet coyote” hand gesture at the Super Bowl was a signal akin to those used by teachers to maintain order.

How did allegations against Ice Spice’s Balenciaga wardrobe contribute to the controversy?

Allegations against Ice Spice’s Balenciaga wardrobe added another layer of complexity to the controversy, fueling speculation and further debate.

Final Thought

The scrutiny surrounding Ice Spice’s Super Bowl gestures and wardrobe choices sparked widespread debate.While initial interpretations varied, the intervention of fact-checking sites and entertainment outlets helped clarify misconceptions.

This incident underscores the importance of critical thinking in navigating complex symbolism within popular culture. Moving forward, it’s crucial to approach such controversies with an open mind, fostering meaningful dialogue to deepen understanding and mitigate misinterpretations.

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