How to Measure Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem and it can be measured in different ways. The degree of the condition varies just as we are unique individuals, but there are ways to tell how many tresses one has lost.

In this piece, we will discuss how to measure hair loss and offer you a permanent solution! No matter how many tresses you have lost, you can use Lordhair premium hairpieces to restore your look immediately. Let’s dive deeper!

Male Pattern Baldness

Using the Norwood/Hamilton Scale

Dr. James Hamilton developed the Norwood/Hamilton scale, which is currently used to evaluate male pattern baldness. It was originally used in the 1950s. If you have male pattern baldness, knowing if the condition falls into one of the seven stages outlined by the Norwood/Hamilton scale will help your doctor choose the best treatment option. You may need to describe the stage to a doctor over the phone. So, being able to indicate the stage on the scale will be helpful. The Norwood/Hamilton Scale also prevents misdiagnosis. You can ensure that the hair loss follows the pattern of male baldness and is not simply due to aging.


Determine which of the seven phases you fall into. The Norwood/Hamilton Scale, which is used to measure male pattern baldness, has seven stages.
Stage One
It can be sometimes unnoticed, it is marked by a modest receding of the hairline and requires no treatment. You should not be concerned about Stage One unless there is a family history of baldness.
Stage Two
It is characterized by a triangle-shaped recession in the frontal area. The locks around the ears will also recede by a few centimeters. Baldness becomes more visible during this period.

Stage Three
Stage Three is the minimum level required for a person to be termed bald. The temples will be bald, covered only by thin hair, and the hair at the front will begin to shape into a crown.
Stage Four
These symptoms worsen as hair thins and recede around the temples and front of the head.
Stage Five
The hairband across the crown thins. Hair loss around the temples and ears becomes bigger and more visible.

Stage Six

Stage five grows into stage Six where the bridge of the hair across the crown is gone bald.

Stage Seven

It is the most advanced stage of hair loss. Only a small band of hair covers the sides of the head and rear of the scalp. There may be hair forming a semi-circle over both ears. When you reach Stage 7, hair loss is extremely difficult to manage. If you wish to combat male pattern baldness, consult with a doctor or physician to determine the best way to manage the condition before it progresses to Stage Seven.

Female Pattern Baldness

Using the Ludwig Scale

The Ludwig Scale is used for monitoring the course of female hair loss. While it can be a valuable tool for determining and describing your degree of hair loss, it has certain limits.
The Ludwig Scale was developed to address female baldness since balding patterns in women differ from those in men. Baldness is more of a progressive thinning of locks in women.

Stages of Hair Loss

The Ludwig Scale identifies three forms of baldness.

  • Type I is distinguished by hair receding and thinning on the crown of the head. It may be difficult to notice at this point, but you may notice a larger white spot than usual when you part your hair. At this period, the frontal hairline rarely recedes.
  • Thinning, shedding, and a general decrease in hair volume indicate Type II. The central section will likewise continue to widen. Treatment may be required at this stage of hair loss.
  • Type III is the most severe form of female hair loss. The locks will be so thin that they can barely cover the scalp and will be visible to most people. The locks will continue to thin and lose moisture.

Online Tools

Use an internet tool to measure the baldness if you’re not sure which scale to use. You can determine the level of baldness with the use of calculators found on several websites.
Typically, these tools will let you enter basic data like your age and whether or not baldness is inherited. The program also lets you choose the level of baldness using multiple-choice questions and the available visual aids. The tool will indicate the level of baldness and provide possible courses of action. But, you should always get a regular doctor’s approval before starting any treatment.

Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

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Bottom Line

Hair loss occurs in stages and it helps to know the stage so you can effectively describe the condition. You do not have to lose your self-esteem to hair loss. Lordhair premium hairpieces will help you restore your confidence instantly!

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