Grace Charis Net Worth

Grace Charis, the California golfer who has taken the social media world by storm.With her captivating posts and engaging content, Grace has amassed millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Beyond her prowess on the golf course, Grace is also an entrepreneur, advocate for mental health and a prominent figure in the world of luxury endorsements.Join us as we delve into the life and achievements of this dynamic influencer.

Who is Grace Charis?

Grace Charis emerges as a prominent figure in the realm of social media and golf, hailing from the sunny landscapes of California.Through her charismatic presence and captivating content, she has transcended the boundaries of traditional golfing circles, captivating the attention of millions worldwide.

With a unique blend of talent, charisma and entrepreneurial spirit, she has solidified her position as a leading influencer in the digital age, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their passions and embrace the power of social media platforms.

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Grace Charis Age

Born on November 21, 2002, Grace Charis embodies the essence of youthful enthusiasm and determination.At just 21 years old, she has already left an indelible mark on the world of golf and social media, showcasing a level of maturity and poise well beyond her years.

Grace Charis

Her journey serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and pursue their aspirations with unwavering dedication.

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Grace Charis Height and Weight

Standing tall at an impressive 5 feet 6 inches, Grace Charis possesses a commanding presence both on and off the golf course.Complemented by her fit and agile physique, she exudes confidence and grace in equal measure.

With an approximate weight of 55 kilograms, she maintains a balanced and healthy lifestyle, reflecting her commitment to physical fitness and overall well being.Her stature serves as a testament to her dedication to excellence in all aspects of her life and inspiring others to strive for greatness with every step they take.

Grace Charis Nationality, Ethnicity, Zodiac Sign

Grace Charis

She hails from California, proudly representing American diversity.With a diverse ethnic background, she embodies the melting pot of cultures found in the United States.Born under the sign of Sagittarius, she exudes the adventurous spirit associated with her zodiac sign.

Grace Charis Parents

She, the rising star from Newport Beach, California, owes a significant part of her success to her supportive parents, Cassandra Smith and Robert Smith.Growing up in a nurturing environment, she was encouraged by her parents to pursue her dreams with determination and passion.The close knit family played a crucial role in shaping her character, setting the stage for her remarkable journey in the realms of golf, social media and entrepreneurship.

Grace Charis Education

The educational path of she reflects her commitment to both academic and artistic pursuits. After early schooling at Polam Hall School, she ventured into the heart of greater London to chase her childhood dream of acting. 

Grace Charis

Here, at the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, she not only honed her acting skills but also reconnected with her father, who resided in the bustling capital. The academy became the launching pad for her multifaceted career, laying the groundwork for her future achievements in golf, social media, and beyond.

Grace Charis Career

  • Social media influencer and golfer based in California
  • Millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok
  • Successful entrepreneur with luxury brand endorsements
  • Advocate for mental health awareness
  • Thriving YouTube channel with 55k subscribers
  • Featured in golf-themed content and adventure videos
  • Known for captivating golf-playing posts
  • Collaborated with National Mental Health Association and PGA Tour Mental Health Program
  • Active participant in online discussions on mental health
  • Continues to inspire through her digital and advocacy efforts.

Grace Charis Net Worth

With her diverse array of endeavors, she has amassed an impressive net worth estimated at $1 million.Her income streams stem from her flourishing career in golf, lucrative sponsorships, brand endorsements and her thriving online presence.

Grace Charis

Grace earns royalties from her subscription-based content on OnlyFans and generates substantial revenue from her YouTube channel. Her entrepreneurial ventures and strategic partnerships continue to contribute to her growing wealth, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the digital landscape.

Grace Charis Boyfriend

While Grace Charis is an open book about her golfing adventures and social media success, her romantic life remains a well guarded secret. Join us as we explore the mystery surrounding Grace’s love life and delve into the details, or lack thereof, about her current relationship status.

Grace Charis Social Media:

Grace Charis is a social media sensation, boasting millions of followers across various platforms.Her Instagram account, with over 1.7 million followers, showcases her love for golf and lifestyle content.

Grace Charis

Grace has a significant presence on TikTok, where she has amassed 2.9 million followers and on YouTube, where she shares short videos to her 55k subscribers.Through her engaging content, she has become a prominent influencer in the digital landscape.


She has become a social media sensation with her captivating posts on Instagram. Boasting over 1.7 million followers, her profile serves as a hub for golf enthusiasts and fans of her engaging content.Through her visually stunning photos and videos, she has created a community that eagerly awaits her updates and insights into her golfing adventures.


On YouTube, she shares short yet captivating videos that offer glimpses into her life as a golfer and social media influencer.With over 55k subscribers, her channel provides a platform for Grace to connect with her audience on a deeper level. From golfing tips to behind the scenes footage, her content offers a unique perspective into her multifaceted career and personal experiences.

Grace Charis

Grace Charis

Grace Charis, from California, shines as a rising star in golf and social media.With a large following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, she is a notable influencer and entrepreneur. Grace’s journey inspires through her passion, perseverance, and digital savvy.


How does Grace Charis make money?

Grace Charis makes money through social media endorsements, entrepreneurship and content creation.

Is Grace Charis a real pro golfer?

Grace Charis is not a professional golfer.

Is Grace Charis sponsored?

Yes, Grace Charis has sponsorship deals with various brands.

What is Grace Cherish’s real name?

Grace Charis’s real name is Grace Charis.

Final Thought 

Grace Charis stands as a beacon of success, showcasing the power of determination and digital influence.With her captivating presence in golf and social media, she inspires countless individuals worldwide.Grace’s journey underscores the importance of passion and perseverance in achieving one’s dreams in today’s interconnected world.

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