Dave Meyer Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Career and Achievements

Dave Meyer is a steadfast preacher and Vice President at Joyce Meyer Ministries.He has dedicated his life to sharing the message of God’s love.With a background rooted in the United States Army, Dave’s journey is marked by resilience, service and unwavering devotion to his calling.Let’s explore the remarkable story of Dave Meyer, a beacon of faith and inspiration to many.


Dave Meyer was born in America on July 31, 1940. He grew up in a supportive family and served in the United States Army. Dave later dedicated over 30 years to ministry work. He currently serves as Vice-President at Joyce Meyer Ministries, alongside his wife, Joyce Meyer.

Despite limited details about his upbringing, Dave’s commitment to faith and service shines through. His journey from military service to ministry exemplifies resilience and dedication. Through his role at Joyce Meyer Ministries, Dave continues to impact countless lives with his unwavering devotion to spreading God’s love.

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Dave Meyer was born on July 31, 1940, making him 83 years old.Despite his age, he remains actively involved in ministry work and continues to inspire others with his dedication to faith.


While specific details about Dave Meyer’s education are limited, his understanding of finance and administration has played a crucial role in shaping the operations of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Despite any formal education, his practical skills have been instrumental in the success of the organization.

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Dave Meyer Wife

Dave Meyer’s wife is Joyce Meyer, a renowned preacher loved by many.They have been married for over 55 years.Joyce faced depression early in their marriage, but Dave stood by her side, helping her through it. 

Dave Meyer

They live happily in St. Louis, Missouri, with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.Two of their sons, Daniel B. Meyer and David Meyer, serve on the Board of Directors at Joyce Meyer Ministries.Their enduring partnership is a testament to love and support in both good times and bad.


Dave Meyer’s career is centered around his role as Vice President at Joyce Meyer Ministries. He has been working there for over 30 years.Alongside his wife, Joyce, Dave has played a vital part in spreading the Gospel message worldwide. 

He is known for his dedication and support behind the scenes, helping to establish and grow the organization.Through their television ministry, “Enjoying Everyday Life,” launched in 1993, Dave and Joyce continue to touch the lives of millions with their message of hope and faith.

Dave’s career journey is one of steadfastness and obedience to his calling.From coordinating Joyce’s initial conferences to contributing to the ministry magazine, his contributions have been foundational to its success. 

With qualities like patience and unwavering faith, Dave’s impact on Joyce Meyer Ministries is immeasurable, making him an integral part of their mission to spread love and positivity worldwide.


Dave Meyer is not just a preacher but also a prolific author. He has penned several insightful works, including titles like “Freedom Is Costly But Priceless,” “Life Lines,” and “Nuggets of Life.”Through his books, Dave shares profound wisdom and spiritual guidance, enriching the lives of readers seeking inspiration and enlightenment.

Net Worth

While specific details about Dave Meyer’s net worth remain undisclosed, his primary source of income stems from his pastoral duties As the Vice-President of Joyce Meyer Ministries and an author, Dave undoubtedly enjoys financial stability. 

He keeps other sources of income private. It’s worth noting that his wife, Joyce Meyer, is estimated to have a net worth of around $10 million.Despite facing criticism for their affluent lifestyle, Dave and Joyce remain committed to their mission of spreading love and faith.

The Seed of God’s Calling

In 1976, a young woman named Joyce embarked on a ministry journey that she could never have anticipated. At the time, she had no idea where God would take her, but she knew that she had a deep desire in her heart to serve Him.When asked how she knew God was calling her to do something, she simply said, “You just know.” She felt a strong sense of captivation and a touch from God that led her to become more interested in the Word.

As Joyce listened to the Word and studied it, she became amazed at the anointed teachings she heard. It was during this time that she had a revelation while listening to a teaching tape. She realized that God could speak through His Word and that she had a desire to teach it to others. With a dream to go all over the world and teach the Word, Joyce started a Bible study, not knowing where it would lead.

The Foundation of Faith

For the next five years, Joyce dedicated herself to teaching the Word at her Bible study.It was a period of hard work and studying, as she had never been to Bible School and didn’t know much about preaching.Joyce relied on the Holy Spirit to lead her and teach her how to effectively communicate God’s Word.

During this time, Joyce faced many challenges, both personally and financially.She struggled with arguments in her marriage and dealt with the everyday difficulties of raising her children. However, she remained faithful to her calling, studying the Word and teaching it to others.

Joyce always emphasizes that their Bible studies lasted for five years, not five minutes or five weeks, but five long years. She studied diligently to improve her teaching skills and to provide practical teachings that would apply to people’s lives. Through the challenges and problems she faced, she found material to teach, making her teachings relatable and impactful.

Expansion and Growth

As the Bible study continued to grow, Joyce felt a shift from God to expand her reach.She started a women’s Bible study at a local church and eventually joined the church’s staff.The Bible study grew to include hundreds of women from various denominations, including Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and Pentecostals.

While teaching at the church, Joyce felt a strong desire to go on the radio. With the church’s support, she started a 15 minute radio slot once a week.Although the radio program was a small start, it was the beginning of what would become a great media ministry.

During this period, Joyce’s husband, Dave, recognized the call of God in his life as well. He had initially struggled with the idea of Joyce teaching instead of him.But he realized that he needed to do what God had called him to do.Dave continued to support Joyce’s ministry.While working in the engineering field.He always knew that he would eventually transition into full-time ministry.

As Joyce’s teachings gained recognition and the ministry grew, the couple faced financial struggles. They often fell short on bills but they learned to trust in God’s provision.Through unexpected sources of income, such as gifts from friends and relatives or refunds they were not expecting, God always provided for their needs.

Lessons in Faith and Integrity

Along their journey, Joyce and Dave learned important lessons about faith and integrity. God gave Joyce three foundational principles: keep the strife out of your life, do what you do with excellence, and be a person of integrity. These principles guided them in maintaining peace at home, doing their best in every endeavor, and handling money with integrity.

They realized that their success and growth were dependent on God’s grace and provision. They recognized the importance of doing things God’s way and not compromising their values. Throughout the years, they faced challenges, but they learned to rely on God’s wisdom and guidance.

Moving into Television Ministry

As the ministry continued to grow, Joyce and Dave realized the need to reach a broader audience. They decided to venture into television ministry, even though they had limited resources and knowledge about television production.They purchased a camera and started filming their teachings, despite the primitive conditions of their early recordings.

Dave Meyer

They began airing their programs on several stations and saw some initial success. However, it wasn’t until they decided to go daily on some stations that their ministry truly exploded. Within a few months, their teachings reached a wider audience, and the ministry experienced tremendous growth.

Throughout their journey, Joyce and Dave remained faithful to God’s calling and committed to doing His work with excellence. They understood the importance of slow and solid growth, relying on God’s timing and provision. Their ministry was built on a foundation of faith, integrity, and a reverential fear of God.

Today, after 40 years of teaching the Word, Joyce and Dave continue to impact lives through their ministry. Their journey serves as a testament to the power of faith and the incredible things God can do through those who are obedient to His call


Does Si King have children?

Yes, Si King has children.

Has Dave Myers got children?

Yes, Dave Meyer has children.

What is Joyce Meyers’ age?

Meyer’s age is 84.

How old is Si King of the Hairy Bikers?

Si King of the Hairy Bikers is 54 years old.

Final Thought

Dave Meyer’s life is a testament to the transformative power of faith, love, and unwavering commitment.As a preacher, Vice-President at Joyce Meyer Ministries, and devoted husband, he has touched countless lives with his message of hope and positivity.

Through his steadfast dedication to ministry and support for his wife, Joyce, Dave continues to inspire others to embrace faith and spread love in their own lives.His story serves as a beacon of light, reminding us all of the profound impact one individual can have on the world.

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