Cowboy Hat Vs Light Up Cowboy Hat – Which One To Choose And When!

There are so many variants of cowboy hats available now-a-days which you can easily purchase online. The use of affordable material in its manufacturing has led to its use as party favors and party accessories. Party cowboy hats come in bright colors having sequin or thread work. They often have LED lights fixed to the crown and brim area to convert them into the light up version of themselves.

Both Light up cowboy hats and normal cowboy hats are very popular among users. The choice can be made on the basis of requirement and liking. To further help you in making the right choice for yourself, we have drawn a comparison below citing the features of both varieties of cowboy cowgirl hat.

Features Of Non Light Up Cowboy Hats

  • These are made of polyester material or material with holographic finish and shine.
  • These western hats are available in red, blue, green, gold, black, silver, purple, pink and orange
  • Drawstring is provided on the hat which ensures comfortable and snug fit.
  • You can The size fits one and all
  • These sequin cowboy hats are waterproof and can easily be worn during the rainy season.

Features Of Light Up Cowboy Hats

  • These light up hats are also made of polyester material which is durable but they also have LED lights on them.
  • You can get these cowgirl hats in vibrant shades of red, blue, purple, green, gold, silver, black and more.
  • These LED light up hats have a battery pack inside the flap along with drawstrings for keeping it steady on your head
  • These are not waterproof and must be cleaned with a dry cloth if need be.

You can choose any one or both of these as they are amazing in quality and are suitable for so many occasions and events. LED cowboy hats are perfect for night events and normal costume hats are perfect for day time events.

Choose LED flashing cowboy hats for glow in the dark parties, bachelorette parties, halloween, Christmas, new year and more. These novelties are available at sale price so you can even think of a bulk purchase. Apply coupon codes at the checkout page and get these hats delivered anywhere in the USA.

Non light up cowboy hats or space cowgirl hats also known as space cowboy hats can be used for theme parties, beach outings, birthday parties, baby showers and more. Both the hats look amazing without any doubt.

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