Where Is Jason Worley Now? Explained

Jason Worley’s life took a devastating turn following the tragic events that shook his world. Known as the husband of Brandi Worley, whose heinous crimes shocked the nation, Jason’s journey is one of resilience and renewal.Despite enduring unimaginable loss, he has emerged as a symbol of strength, navigating the tumultuous waters of grief to find solace in a new beginning.Join us as we explore Jason Worley’s story, a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity.

Jason Worley Biography

Jason Worley is an American software engineer who tragically lost his two children in a heinous crime committed by his former wife, Brandi Worley, in 2016. Despite the immense tragedy he endured, Jason has shown remarkable resilience and courage.

Full NameJason Worley
Date of BirthApprox. 1985
Age37 (as of 2022)
Current ResidenceDarlington, Indiana, U.S.A
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Height (ft)5’10”
Height (cm)178
Weight (kg)Approx. 91 kg
Weight (lbs.)Approx. 200 lbs
ProfessionSoftware engineer
Marital StatusDivorced (Brandi Worley)
Children2 (Tyler and Charlee Worley, both deceased)
New FamilyDaughter with new wife
Early LifeLimited information available
RelationshipTroubled marriage with Brandi Worley

Who is Jason Worley?

 Jason Worley

Jason Worley is an American software engineer known for enduring a tragic family event involving his former wife, Brandi Worley, in 2016. Despite the immense loss he faced, Jason has shown remarkable resilience and strength in navigating through life’s challenges.

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What is Jason Worley doing now?

Jason Worley continues to work as a software engineer at Stratus, as per his LinkedIn profile.He has also embarked on a new chapter in his personal life, having remarried and welcomed a daughter with his new wife, according to his Facebook page.Despite the immense tragedy he has endured, Jason appears to be finding happiness and peace in his new family life while maintaining his professional career.

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Early Life and Career

Not much information is available regarding Jason Worley’s early life and career.He married Brandi Worley in August 2009 after two years of dating.They lived in Darlington, Indiana, where Jason worked as a software engineer.

While Brandi was a stay at home mom.Their marriage faced challenges, and Jason’s career as a software engineer has been a significant aspect of his life before and after the tragic events involving his family.

Jason Was Married to Brandi Worley for Eight Years

 Jason Worley

Jason Worley and Brandi Worley shared a marriage that spanned eight years, marked by both joy and struggle.Despite the challenges they faced, they remained committed to their relationship, navigating the complexities of married life together.

The Engineer Stayed in the Marriage Because of the Kids

As a devoted father, Jason Worley prioritized the well-being of his children above all else. Despite any difficulties in his marriage to Brandi he chose to remain in the relationship out of a deep-seated commitment to providing stability and security for his beloved children.His decision to stay was driven by a profound love and devotion to his family.

His Wife Killed Their Children as an Act of Revenge

In a tragic turn of events, Jason Worley’s former wife, Brandi Worley, committed a devastating act of revenge by taking the lives of their two children. Motivated by turmoil within their marriage and the impending divorce, Brandi’s actions plunged Jason into unimaginable grief and despair.

Jason Worley Thought He Had Let Down Their Kids

Haunted by feelings of guilt and remorse, Jason Worley grappled with the devastating belief that he had failed to protect his children.Consumed by grief and anguish, he struggled to come to terms with the profound loss of Tyler and Charlee questioning his role in the tragic circumstances that befell his family.

His Wife Was Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison

Brandi Worley, Jason Worley’s former wife, received a 120-year prison sentence for the tragic murders of their children, Tyler and Charlee.This legal outcome followed the horrifying events of November 17, 2016, when Brandi committed the unspeakable act. 

 Jason Worley

Despite the immense sorrow and loss endured by Jason, the justice system sought to address the severity of the crime with a significant penalty.The sentencing marked a somber yet necessary step in acknowledging the gravity of the situation and providing closure for the victims’ loved ones.

Jason Worley’s Date of Birth and Birthplace

Details regarding Jason Worley’s date of birth and birthplace remain undisclosed from public records.Based on available information, he is estimated to have been born around 1985, although precise details remain unknown.

Similarly, his birthplace is not publicly confirmed, leaving gaps in understanding his early life and background.Despite the lack of specific information, Jason’s journey and resilience in the face of tragedy serve as powerful testimonies to the human spirit’s capacity for endurance and renewal.

Jason Worley Height, Weight & Physical Appearance:**

Jason Worley stands at an average height of 5’10” and weighs approximately 91 kilograms (200 pounds).He has dark brown hair complemented by brown eyes, giving him a warm and approachable appearance.His physical attributes reflect a typical Caucasian ethnicity, exuding an aura of quiet strength and resilience.

Jason Worley Current Location

As of the latest information available, Jason Worley’s current location is believed to be Darlington, Indiana, in the United States.This is where he resides and works as a software engineer.While specifics about his exact whereabouts within Darlington may not be publicly disclosed he continues to navigate life in the community.Where he has established his professional and personal roots.

Jason Worley’s Net Worth in 2023

While specific details about Jason Worley’s net worth in 2023 are not publicly disclosed, it can be estimated that he earns a decent income as a software engineer.Given his professional background and experience, coupled with the average annual salary for software engineers in Indiana.Which is approximately $86,874 as of December 2023, Jason Worley likely maintains financial stability.Precise figures regarding his net worth remain undisclosed, as personal financial information is typically kept private.


What happened to Jason Worley’s children?

Jason Worley’s children, Tyler and Charlee, tragically lost their lives in 2016 when their mother, Brandi Worley, committed a violent act amid a tumultuous divorce.

Where does Jason Worley live?

Jason Worley resides in Darlington, Indiana, United States, where he works as a software engineer.

What is Jason Worley’s current marital status?

Jason Worley is divorced from Brandi Worley. He has since remarried and started a new family.

Final Thought

Jason Worley’s journey is one marked by unimaginable tragedy, resilience and hope.Despite enduring profound loss, he has shown remarkable strength in the face of adversity.Through perseverance and determination, Jason has forged a new path forward, embracing each day with courage and grace.

As he continues to navigate life’s challenges, his story serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of hope.May his journey inspire us all to find strength in the darkest of times and to cherish the light that shines even in the midst of sorrow.

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