List of Top 10 Textile Industries in India

India’s textile industry is a powerhouse, rivaled only by China on the global stage.With cutting edge technology and a competitive spirit, Indian textile companies have made their mark worldwide.From garments to advanced materials, they’re constantly innovating to stay ahead.In this article, we will explore the top 10 players driving India’s textile success story.

List of Top 10 Textile Companies in India:

The list of top 10 textile companies in India shows the biggest players in the industry.These companies make a lot of fabric and clothes.Arvind Ltd Vardhman Textiles Ltd. and Welspun India Ltd are some of the big names on the list.They have thousands of employees and sell their products all around the world.These companies play a huge role in India’s textile success story.

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1. Arvind Ltd.

Arvind Ltd is a big textile company in India.It is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.They have lots of employees, about 42,000.They make a huge amount of fabric every year, enough to wrap around the Earth six times! Arvind sells clothes under its own brand.They work on different things like retail, making clothes and even environmental solutions.

This company is super big and important in India.It is not just about making clothes; they care about the environment too.It is like a giant weaving machine, making a lot of fabric and selling clothes all over the world.They are a big deal.

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2. Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

Vardhman Textiles Ltd. is a big textile company in India.It has been around for over fifty years. They make yarn, fabric and garments.The company is led by Mr. SP Oswal.They sell their products in 75 countries.Vardhman Textiles Ltd is known for its quality and sustainable growth. They’re a major player in the textile industry.Their processing capacity is 140 million meters.

3. Welspun India Ltd.

Textile Industries In India

Welspun India Ltd is a big textile company.They make home textiles like towels and sheets.Their products are good quality and they sell them to many big stores.Welspun India Ltd also sells their products outside of India.They have many customers around the world.This company is known for making high quality products.

4. Raymond Ltd.

Raymond Ltd  is a big company.It makes clothes and other things.They are good at what they do.They have many stores.People can buy their clothes there.Raymond also makes fabric. Their fabric is very good.Many people like it. 

They make denim top.Denim is used to make jeans.Raymond is famous for their denim.They sell their clothes in many places.People like to buy from Raymond.They have good quality clothes.That is why they are famous.

5. Trident Group

Trident Group is a big textile company.It makes lots of home textile stuff.They started in 1990 and now they are the world’s biggest home textile maker.They do not just make textiles, they also do yarn, linen, paper and chemicals.Trident exports a bunch of home textile stuff and they’ve got a lot of people working for them, over 13,000.

Trident Group’s boss is Rajinder Gupta.He is the one who made Trident so big.They have got a good market share and people really like their products.With all the yarn, linen and paper they make, Trident is a big deal in the world of home textiles.

6. K P R Mill Ltd.

KPR Mill Ltd. is a big textile company in India.It makes yarn, fabric and clothes.They have lots of machines to make yarn and fabric.Their clothes are sold in many places. KPR Mill Ltd is important in the textile industry.

They have modern machines.These machines help them make lots of clothes.People like their clothes.KPR Mill Ltd is a big name in Indian textiles.

7. Page Industries Ltd.

Page Industries Ltd is a major player in the textile industry.They hold the exclusive license for Speedo International Limited in India.Their flagship brand, JOCKEY, is a leader in innerwear. Page Industries has many stores across India, making their products easily accessible.

Textile Industries In India

 They also have a presence abroad, with stores in the UAE and Sri Lanka.Their focus on quality and customer satisfaction has helped them build a strong reputation.With 384 exclusive brand outlets in India, Page Industries Ltd has made JOCKEY a household name. 

Their dedication to providing top-notch innerwear has earned them millions of satisfied customers.Speedo, known for its swimwear, adds to their diverse product range.Page Industries continues to grow, catering to the needs of consumers both at home and abroad.

8. Nitin Spinners Ltd.

Nitin Spinners Ltd is a big player in India’s textile scene.They are known for top quality cotton yarn and fabric.With ISO certifications, they focus on eco friendly practices. 

Their commitment to quality is clear.They employ over 3,000 people.And they churn out 240 million meters of fabric yearly.Nitin Spinners Ltd is a name you can trust in the textile industry.

9. Rupa & Company Ltd.

Rupa & Company Ltd is a top knitwear brand in India.They make comfy underwear and casual clothes.Started with a dream, now they are big worldwide.They have got happy customers in India and beyond. 

Rupa’s knitwear is loved for its quality and style.From innerwear to casual wear, they have got it all.Their journey shows that dreams do come true in business.Rupa & Company Ltd. is all about comfort and style.Their clothes fit well and feel good.

They have built a loyal customer base over the years.With Rupa, you get quality knitwear that lasts.Whether it is innerwear or casual wear, Rupa’s got you covered.It is no wonder they are the number one knitwear brand in India today.

10. Himatsingka Seide Ltd.

Himatsingka Seide Ltd is a big name in the textile world.They make lots of home textile products.The company is famous for selling its stuff all over the world.They are really good at what they do.

Textile Industries In India

With Himatsingka Seide Ltd you get quality.They are known for their top notch home textiles.They are big on spreading their products everywhere.So, if you are looking for great home textiles, they are the ones to check out.


Which is the biggest textile industry in India?

Arvind Ltd. is the largest textile industry in India.

Which is the top 10 textile manufacturing city in India?

The top 10 textile manufacturing cities in India are not specified in the provided text.

Which is the No 1 yarn company in India?

The No. 1 yarn company in India is Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

Final Thought

The top 10 textile companies in India play a crucial role in shaping the global textile industry landscape.From Arvind Ltd.’s massive production capacity to Himatsingka Seide Ltd.’s commitment to quality, each company contributes uniquely to the sector’s growth and innovation.With their extensive reach and dedication to excellence, these companies continue to uphold India’s reputation as a textile powerhouse on the world stage.

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