7 Best Attractions When Visiting Dubai

Being the best spot to travel, Dubai surely stands by its name! As the shining gem of the UAE, the city is known to perfectly blend traditions with modern innovations. The place offers endless attractions that are often equally loved by both locals and tourists. From adventure lovers to shopaholics, the city has something for everyone. So, if you are planning a trip to this vibrant city, look no further! We have prepared a travel guide that will help you know some of the most well-known tourist attractions that you should not miss. 

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Ski Dubai

Summers can be harsh in Dubai, which can make your trip a bit frustrating. But the city always has a solution, and in this condition, Ski Dubai is your answer. Buy your tickets to this snow park and escape the summer heat. Being the first indoor ski resort, this place becomes extra special. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and more. Do not miss, as you might encounter some tiny penguins as well. Additionally, if you need a secure location to store valuable items like jewelry or important documents while you’re on a vacation, consider utilizing self-storage options such as those provided by self storage units Rocky Mount. These facilities offer temporary storage spaces for your belongings, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to travel with the assurance that your possessions are safely stored.

Dubai Creek

For people looking to experience the old Dubai, this is the perfect spot for a quick glimpse. At this place, you can take a traditional boat across the creek and visit the famous historic district. This area is a perfect blend of modern cities and narrow lanes. You can also take a walk at the traditional market and do some shopping. The Dubai Museum, located in this district, offers a peek at the city’s rich history.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm is an iconic and man-made island that is home to some very luxurious hotels and residences. At the tip of this island is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort that has a waterpark, an aquarium, and fine dining options. This waterpark is perfect for both, families and adventure lovers, offering some crazy water slides and private beaches.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marine is a modern place known for its stunning sky-high buildings and top-class lifestyle. The best way to experience this area is by taking a dhow cruise dinner. This will allow you to sail along the ocean and enjoy the views of the beautifully lit skyline. If you go a little further ahead, you will see JBR offering some bustling beachside settings with a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

Burj Khalifa

No visit to Dubai is complete without experiencing the most awe-inspiring building. Standing at the tallest structure in the world is like one of the most thrilling adventures you can ever imagine. This building is the best example of modern architecture and design. As a visitor, you can take an elevator to the observation decks and have a landscape view of the city, and the desert. The beauty of the Gulf looks extraordinary from these decks.

Dubai Mall

Near the tallest building is the very famous Dubai Mall, perfect for shopaholics. This place is not just a shopping destination but a complete entertainment hub. Inside this mall, you can find an underwater park, a VR park and so much more. As you get out of the mall in the evening, you will see the Dubai Fountain offering a wonderful water show that is a must-see.

Dubai Gold Souk

If you want to be introduced to the local culture of the city, it is best to explore their local markets. But, this flea marker isn’t like your everyday one; the place has something very unique to offer. Just as the name suggests, this market sells gold and other items of value. So, if you wish to make your eyes shine, this is the spot for you. You can buy luxurious items, second-hand treasures, and much more for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones.

Activities To Do In Dubai During Summer 

When the temperature is sour and unbearable, Dubai offers many indoor and evening activities to keep you away from the heat and entertained. We have prepared a list of the best Dubai activities for summer:

Visit Indoor Parks 

To stay away from the heat and still keep the fun going, the city has several indoor theme parks for locals and tourists. You can visit the IMG Worlds of Adventure and relive all your childhood memories or have a blast at the snow park (Ski Dubai) with your family and loved ones.

Explore Dubai Aquarium

There can be nothing better than exploring the underwater world if you wish to stay away from the harsh sun and still enjoy your outing. There is a water zoo located at the Dubai Mall that you can experience during the daytime when you are done shopping.

Go For Scuba Diving

Dubai can be considered one of the best spots to experience some amazing water activities, especially scuba diving. Visit the Gulf and take diving lessons with your loved ones from a group of experts. This is another great way to see the world beyond the surface of the water and witness its uniqueness up close.

Take a Yacht Cruise

For a chilling yet luxurious experience, taking a cruise is the best option. Enjoy the cool evening wind while sailing along the Dubai Marine or the Gulf. You can also have a delicious dinner while looking at an amazing view.

Watch a Live Show at a Theater

If you have a love for live performances, the city gives you a chance to catch some of the latest live shows by global artists at sports venues like the Dubai Opera and more. You can vibe with some traditional music and fill your evening with peace.

Ready to Say ‘Get. Set. Dubai’?

The city of endless possibilities is calling you for an experience like never before and the list of seven attractions is just the beginning. Whether you have a love for adventure or are crazy about history, the city has endless things to offer. And if you are convinced, we have an amazing idea for you! Plan your trip with the leading Dubai travel agency, Next Holidays, and ensure a stunning and memorable experience. So, start packing your bags, as this summer is going to be totally vibing. 

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