Tiny Hightower: The Mother of Amber Riley

Tiny Hightower, the beloved mother of actress and singer Amber Riley, led a life defined by love, resilience and unwavering support for her family.While her exact age remains a mystery, her impact on her daughters and the entertainment world is undeniable. Join us as we explore the remarkable journey of Tiny Hightower, a woman whose legacy continues to inspire countless individuals worldwide.

Tiny Hightower Profile Summary

NameTiny Hightower
Date of BirthNovember 28
Place of BirthUnknown
PopularityCelebrity mother
Ex-HusbandElwin Riley
DaughtersToiya, Ashley, Amber

Tiny Hightower Biography

Tiny Hightower’s life journey is shrouded in the gentle mystery of her birth on November 28. While her age remains undisclosed, her influence as a mother and supporter of her three daughters, Toiya, Ashley and Amber, resonates deeply.

Hailing from America with a proud Black heritage, Tiny’s role as a celebrity mother was both a blessing and a responsibility she embraced with unwavering dedication.Despite the challenges she faced, including her marriage to Elwin Riley, a businessman and politician, which ended in divorce, Tiny remained steadfast in her commitment to her family.

Throughout her life, Hightower championed her daughters’ dreams, nurturing their talents and guiding them towards success in the entertainment industry.Her journey, though tragically cut short by cancer on January 10, 2019, serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and resilience.

While Tiny may have departed from this world, her legacy lives on through her daughters’ accomplishments and the memories she created with her unwavering support and boundless love.

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Tiny Hightower’s Personal Life and Education

Tiny Hightower led a private life, preferring to keep details about her personal affairs away from the public spotlight.Despite this, her commitment to her family, particularly her daughters, was unmistakable.She dedicated herself wholeheartedly to supporting their endeavors and ensuring their happiness and success.

Tiny Hightower

While information about her educational background remains undisclosed, her role as a loving and supportive mother spoke volumes about her character and values.Tiny’s priority was her family, and she navigated the complexities of motherhood with grace and unwavering devotion.

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Career and Profession

Tiny Hightower pursued various endeavors in her career.While details remain scarce, her entrepreneurial spirit shone through.She dedicated herself to supporting her daughters’ careers and nurturing their talents.Through her guidance, she played a pivotal role in shaping their success in the entertainment industry.

As a devoted mother, her focus on her daughters’ careers took precedence over her own professional pursuits.However, her influence as a supportive figure in the background contributed significantly to her family’s achievements and the flourishing careers of her talented daughters.

How old is Tiny Hightower?

Tiny Hightower’s exact age is a mystery.We do not know the year she was born.But we do know she passed away at the age of 47.That means she was likely born around 1971 or 1972.

Tiny Hightower Relationship

Tiny Hightower was once married to Elwin Riley, a businessman and politician.They had three daughters together: Toiya, Ashley and Amber.However, their marriage faced challenges and ended in divorce in 1999. Despite this, she remained devoted to her daughters and focused on raising them as a single parent.

Tiny Hightower

After the divorce, Tiny Hightower chose not to remarry and remained single until her passing in 2019.Despite the trials she faced in her relationship, her love and dedication to her daughters never wavered.She continued to support them in their careers and personal lives, leaving behind a legacy of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Tiny Hightower’s Married Life

She married Elwin Riley in 1991. They had three daughters: Toiya, Ashley, and Amber. Their marriage, however, faced challenges and ended in divorce in 1999.Despite the difficulties, she remained devoted to her daughters, supporting their dreams and aspirations.

After the divorce, Tiny Hightower focused on raising her daughters as a single mother.She provided love and encouragement as they pursued their careers in acting and modeling. Despite the end of her marriage, Tiny’s commitment to her family remained unwavering, leaving a lasting impact on her daughters’ lives.

Discover The information on Hightower children

Discovering information about Hightower’s children is an exciting journey.Firstly, there is Toiya Riley, the eldest daughter, born on January 18, 1992.She is an actress and model, featuring in popular TV shows like “The Game” and “The Parkers.” Then, there is Ashley Riley, born on November 24, 1993, also an actress and model, gracing screens with her talent. 

Tiny Hightower

Lastly, we have Amber Riley, born on February 15, 1986, renowned for her role in “Glee” and numerous awards she has garnered. Each daughter shines brightly in her own right, making Tiny Hightower’s legacy proud.

Tiny Hightower’s Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother

Despite the lack of public knowledge about Tiny Hightower’s immediate family members, her dedication to her daughters remained unwavering.Through her support and encouragement, she nurtured them to pursue their dreams and passions, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. 

While her own family history may remain a mystery, her  legacy as a devoted mother continues to resonate and serves as an inspiration to families everywhere.

Tiny Hightower’s Height, Weight, and Body Stats

Tiny Hightower stood at 5 feet 6 inches tall.She weighed around 60 kilograms or 132 pounds. With a slender figure, her body measurements were 36-28-36 inches.She had captivating brown eyes and lustrous black hair, enhancing her elegant appearance.She embraced a healthy lifestyle, maintaining her physique with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Tiny Hightower

Her charming personality and graceful demeanor captivated many, reflecting her inner strength and resilience.Despite her petite frame, her  presence left a lasting impression on those around her, embodying beauty, both inside and out.

Tiny Hightower’s Net Worth and Income

Her net worth and income are not widely disclosed.But she enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle thanks to her former husband’s success.Elwin Riley, her ex husband, boasts a net worth of $100 million as of 2024, primarily amassed through his ventures in construction, energy and politics.

While the specifics of Tiny’s financial standing remain elusive, her support for her daughters’ careers and her own entrepreneurial endeavors likely contributed to her financial stability and well being.


What does Amber Riley do now?

Amber Riley is currently active as an actress, singer and author.

Has Amber Riley won a Tony?

Amber Riley has not won a Tony Award.

What was the cause of Tiny Hightower’s death?

Tiny Hightower passed away due to cancer in 2019.

Did Tiny Hightower remarry after her divorce?

No, Tiny Hightower remained single following her divorce from Elwin Riley.

Final Thought

Tiny Hightower’s life was one of love, resilience, and unwavering support for her family.Despite facing personal challenges, she stood as a pillar of strength for her daughters, particularly Amber Riley and leaving behind a lasting legacy of maternal devotion.

Through her influence, Tiny Hightower continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams with determination and compassion.Her memory serves as a reminder of the power of love and support in shaping the lives of those we cherish.

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