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Sara Saffari is a 22-year-old fitness influencer from Kentucky who has captured the hearts of over 600,000 followers on Instagram with her inspiring journey and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Born on February 27, 2001, Sara’s transformation from a high school athlete to a social media sensation showcases her passion for fitness and resilience.

With an estimated net worth of $800,000, she has turned her dedication into a lucrative career, becoming a beacon of motivation for many. Sara’s engaging content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, combined with her collaborations with fellow influencers, highlights her influence and growing impact in the fitness community.

Profile Summary

Sara Saffari is a well-known fitness influencer and social media star. Born on February 27, 2001, in Kentucky, USA, Sara has made a significant impact in the fitness community through her dedicated and inspiring content.

As of 2023, she is 22 years old and has garnered over 600,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares her fitness journey, workout routines, and lifestyle tips. Sara’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000, reflecting her success in monetizing her social media presence and fitness expertise. With her Pisces zodiac sign, Sara embodies creativity and determination, which is evident in her professional and personal life.

NameSara Saffari
Famous forFitness & Instagram Model
Date of BirthFebruary 27, 2001
Birth PlaceKentucky, USA
Age22 [as of 2023]
Zodiac signPisces
ProfessionInstagram star and fitness influencer
HomeTown/StateKentucky, USA
SchoolAdolfo Camarillo High School
CollegeNot Known
Educational QualificationNot Known
HobbiesGoing on a walk
Marital StatusUnmarried

Sara Saffari Age

Born on February 27, 2001, Sara Saffari is currently 22 years old. Her youthful energy and commitment to fitness have made her a prominent figure in the social media world. Despite her relatively young age, Sara has achieved significant milestones in her career, becoming a source of inspiration for many aspiring fitness enthusiasts. Her age not only reflects her physical vitality but also her fresh and dynamic approach to fitness and health, appealing to a broad audience of all ages.

Sara Saffari Bio

Sara Saffari, a native of Kentucky, USA, has risen to fame as a fitness influencer and Instagram model. She attended Adolfo Camarillo High School, where she participated in sports such as basketball and track. Her athletic background laid the foundation for her future career in fitness. Sara’s journey into the fitness world began as a personal endeavor to combat depression, leading her to the gym in April 2021.

Over the course of a year, she transformed her body and mindset, sharing her progress on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Sara’s content resonates with her audience, providing motivation and practical fitness tips.

She has also launched a YouTube channel, where she shares workout routines, vlogs, and collaborations with other influencers. Sara’s dedication to fitness and her engaging online presence have earned her a loyal following and several sponsorship deals, contributing to her impressive net worth.

Sara Saffari Early Life & Education

Sara Saffari was born and raised in Kentucky, USA. She grew up in a supportive family environment, with a particular closeness to her brother, Ali Saffari, who played a significant role in her fitness journey. Sara attended Adolfo Camarillo High School, where she was actively involved in sports. Her participation in basketball and track during her high school years instilled in her a love for physical activity and competition.

Although the details of her college education are not publicly known, Sara has indicated that she was expected to graduate in early 2023. Throughout her academic journey, she managed to balance her studies with her growing online presence. Her ability to juggle her education and her burgeoning career as a fitness influencer speaks to her strong work ethic and time management skills.

BirthdateFebruary 27, 2001
Age22 years old
Zodiac SignPisces
High SchoolAdolfo Camarillo High School
Expected GraduationEarly 2023

Sara Saffari Career & Fitness Journey

Sara Saffari’s career as a fitness influencer began with her personal struggles with mental health. In April 2021, she turned to the gym as a way to cope with depression. This decision marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Sara. Over the course of a year, she dedicated herself to rigorous training and a disciplined lifestyle, resulting in a remarkable physical transformation.

Sara began documenting her progress on social media, initially sharing her journey on Instagram and TikTok. Her content quickly gained traction, resonating with people who were inspired by her dedication and transparency. By early 2022, she had shifted her focus entirely to fitness content, which included workout routines, fitness tips, and motivational posts.

Her popularity soared, and by May 2022, she had amassed over 300,000 followers on Instagram and 231,000 followers on TikTok. Sara’s engaging content and relatable personality helped her build a strong community of followers. She also started collaborating with other influencers, further expanding her reach.

In April 2022, Sara launched her own YouTube channel, adding another dimension to her fitness career. Her YouTube content includes detailed workout routines, vlogs, and collaborations with other fitness enthusiasts. Some of her notable guests include Bryce Hall and Alex Eubank. Her channel quickly gained popularity, attracting over 35,000 subscribers and 2.5 million views.

Sara’s career is also marked by several sponsorship deals with well-known fitness brands such as Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Gymshark, and Bloom Nutrition. These partnerships not only boost her income but also enhance her credibility in the fitness industry. Sara also offers workout programs on Solin, a social fitness platform, where subscribers can access her fitness plans and nutrition tips for a monthly fee.

Sara Saffari Family

Sara Saffari has chosen to keep information about her parents private, but it is known that they are of Iranian descent. Her family has played a supportive role in her journey, particularly her brother, Ali Saffari. Ali, who was previously active on Instagram, inspired Sara with his dedication to fitness. His daily gym routines and workout videos were a significant influence on Sara, motivating her to pursue her own fitness goals.

Despite Ali stepping back from the online scene, the bond between the siblings remains strong. Sara often credits her brother as a source of inspiration and support in her fitness journey. This close-knit family dynamic has undoubtedly contributed to Sara’s success and resilience in the face of challenges.

Sara Saffari Boyfriend

As of now, Sara Saffari’s love life remains private. She has not publicly shared details about any romantic relationships and is currently not romantically involved with anyone, including Bradley Martyn, with whom she shares a professional relationship. Sara’s focus appears to be on her fitness journey and career, choosing to keep her personal life away from the public eye. This decision to maintain privacy regarding her romantic life reflects her dedication to her professional goals and her desire to keep certain aspects of her life personal.

Sara Saffari Height, Weight & More

Sara Saffari Height, Weight & More

Sara Saffari stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 60 kg. Her commitment to fitness is evident in her well-toned physique, which she proudly showcases on her social media platforms. Her body measurements are approximately 33-24-35, reflecting her dedication to maintaining a balanced and healthy body.

Sara’s captivating brown eyes and light brown hair add to her natural beauty, which resonates with her followers. Her fitness journey is not just about achieving a certain body type but promoting a lifestyle that encourages physical activity and overall well-being. Sara’s physical appearance is a testament to her hard work and dedication to fitness, making her a role model for many aspiring fitness enthusiasts.

Sara Saffari Lifestyle

Sara Saffari leads a lifestyle that reflects her commitment to health and fitness. She avoids smoking and only occasionally consumes alcohol. Sara enjoys cooking and often shares glimpses of her culinary skills with her followers. Swimming is one of her favorite pastimes, providing her with both relaxation and exercise.

Sara’s fitness regimen is a central part of her lifestyle. She follows a regular gym routine, working out five to six times a week. Her workouts are designed to enhance overall well-being, build lean muscles, and maintain stamina. Despite her dedication to fitness, Sara does not include jogging in her routine, preferring other forms of exercise.

Sara’s lifestyle choices and habits offer a glimpse into her personality and values. Her focus on health, fitness, and personal well-being sets a positive example for her followers. By sharing her lifestyle, Sara encourages others to adopt healthy habits and pursue their fitness goals with determination and discipline.

Sara Saffari Workout Routine

Sara Saffari’s workout routine is a testament to her dedication to fitness. She follows a structured regimen, working out five to six times a week. Her routine is designed to target different muscle groups, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive fitness approach.

  • Push Days: Focus on chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • Pull Days: Target back and biceps.
  • Leg Days: Concentrate on legs and glutes.
  • Cardio and Core Workouts: Often included as separate sessions or as a part of her daily workouts.

Sara shares her workout routines on her YouTube channel and Instagram, providing her followers with detailed instructions and tips. She collaborates with other fitness influencers, adding variety and excitement to her content. Some of her popular videos include “MY FULL SHOULDER WORKOUT,” “MY FULL LEG DAY ROUTINE,” and “FULL BODY WORKOUT WITH BRADLEY MARTYN.”

Sara also offers workout programs on Solin, a social fitness platform. Her programs include the Six Week Summer Shred, designed for fat loss and toning, and Sara’s Strength Program, focused on muscle building and boosting confidence. These programs cater to different fitness levels, from beginners to intermediates, and can be followed at home or in the gym.

Sara Saffari Net Worth

Sara Saffari’s estimated net worth is $800,000, reflecting her successful career as a fitness influencer. Her journey from working low-wage jobs to becoming a prominent figure in the fitness industry is a testament to her hard work and determination.

  • Net Worth in 2023: $800,000
  • Net Worth in 2022: $550,000
  • Monthly Income: $27,000
  • Annual Income: $290,000

Sara’s primary sources of income include sponsorship deals, social media platforms, and her membership program on Solin. She collaborates with well-known fitness brands such as Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Gymshark, and Bloom Nutrition. These sponsorships not only provide financial benefits but also enhance her credibility and influence in the fitness community.

Sara actively promotes these brands on her Instagram and TikTok, often sharing referral codes with her followers. Additionally, her membership program on Solin offers subscribers access to her lifting programs, abs routines, nutrition tips, and more for $10 per month. This diversified income stream highlights Sara’s entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to leverage her online presence for financial success.


In October 2023, Sara Saffari found herself in the midst of a social media controversy involving Jon Zherka, a controversial Twitch streamer and YouTuber. Zherka launched a verbal attack on Sara, accusing her of clout-chasing, being a gold-digger, and labeling her a hypocrite. He also made derogatory comments about her appearance and personality.

Unfazed by the accusations, Sara responded by calling Zherka a leech, a loser, and a liar. She even challenged him to a fight with Bryce Hall, another social media star. This heated online feud sparked widespread attention, with fans and critics taking sides. The controversy began when Zherka posted a tweet in support of Myron Gaines, a controversial figure known for his anti-feminist and anti-OnlyFans views.

The drama continued to unfold, keeping the online community buzzing with speculation and opinions. Despite the negativity, Sara handled the situation with resilience, maintaining her focus on her fitness journey and professional goals.

Social Media Accounts

Sara Saffari is active on several social media platforms, where she shares her fitness journey, workout routines, and lifestyle tips. Her engaging content and relatable personality have helped her build a strong online presence.

  • TikTok: @sarrrrrr68
  • Instagram: @sarasaffari__
  • Facebook Page: Facebook
  • YouTube: YouTube
  • Snapchat: @sarasaffari

Sara’s social media accounts are a testament to her influence and popularity in the fitness community. She uses these platforms to connect with her followers, provide valuable fitness content, and collaborate with other influencers. Her ability to engage and inspire her audience has made her a prominent figure in the world of social media and fitness.


Sara Saffari’s journey from a high school athlete to a prominent fitness influencer is a story of dedication, hard work, and resilience. Her commitment to fitness and healthy living has not only transformed her life but also inspired thousands of followers.

With a strong online presence, a supportive family, and a clear focus on her goals, Sara continues to make waves in the fitness industry. Her ability to balance her personal and professional life while maintaining a positive and motivating online presence is a testament to her character and determination.

As she continues to grow and evolve, Sara Saffari remains a beacon of inspiration for those looking to achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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