Myarkevia: Everything You Need To Know About The Digital Safe

MyArkevia, a groundbreaking digital safe developed by the renowned Cegedim group, is revolutionizing the way businesses handle human resources.With its intuitive interface and robust security features, Myarkevia streamlines document management, ensuring seamless access to vital HR information

Discover the key to effortless HR management with MyArkevia.Streamline document storage, access, and sharing securely in one platform.Say hello to a new era of efficiency with MyArkevia at your fingertips.

MyArkevia simplifies HR tasks by securely storing documents online.Access pay slips, certificates and more anytime, anywhere.Streamline your workflow with MyArkevia’s user friendly platform.

Discover MyArkevia

Discover MyArkevia, the digital solution for HR management.With MyArkevia, all your important documents are stored safely online.Access pay slips, invoices, and certificates with ease from any device.

MyArkevia streamlines your workflow, making HR tasks simpler than ever before. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency with MyArkevia.Experience the convenience of MyArkevia’s user friendly interface. 

Receive notifications when documents are shared and access them instantly.With MyArkevia, managing HR documents has never been easier.Join the digital revolution today and discover the power of MyArkevia for your business.

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MyArkevia: how does it work?

In terms of human resources 

MyArkevia empowers HR managers to efficiently store and share digital documents. Managers can securely upload and distribute important files to designated employees, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration within the HR department.

At the employee level  

For employees, MyArkevia offers seamless access to shared documents and notifications via email.They can conveniently retrieve pay slips and other HR related documents, enhancing transparency and accessibility in their interactions with the HR department.

Why use MyArkevia: its advantages

Its multiple functionalities


MyArkevia boasts a range of features designed to simplify HR document management.From storing pay slips to sharing invoices, MyArkevia offers a comprehensive solution for organizing and accessing vital HR information efficiently.

High document security

With MyArkevia, document security is paramount. Robust measures are in place to safeguard sensitive HR data against digital threats and unauthorized access.Users can trust MyArkevia to protect their information with top tier security protocols.

Its authenticated archiving system

MyArkevia’s archiving system ensures the authenticity and legality of stored documents.Each user’s electronic signature grants documents the same legal validity as traditional paper records, providing peace of mind and compliance with regulatory standards.

The responsible image it provides

By embracing MyArkevia, companies showcase their commitment to responsible practices. Opting for digital solutions aligns with modern values of sustainability and efficiency.With MyArkevia, organizations contribute to a greener future by reducing paper usage and promoting eco-friendly operations.This responsible image not only enhances the company’s reputation but also reflects its dedication to innovation and forward thinking strategies.

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Saving resources

  • MyArkevia cuts down on paper usage.
  • Less need for printers and ink.
  • Employees access documents digitally.
  • Saves time and resources for HR.
  • Supports sustainability with reduced paper consumption.

How to access Myarkevia?

To access MyArkevia, visit the login page and enter your provided credentials.Input your username and identifier along with your temporary password.Once logged in, you will reach your personal space where you can manage HR documents.


If you encounter issues, utilize the  forgotten password option or contact support for assistance. For first time users, activate your account by entering your registration number and secret code. Upon activation, explore MyArkevia’s features and navigate effortlessly through your HR documents.

In case of problem or forgetting your Arkevia password

  • If you forget your Arkevia password, click on the forgotten password.
  • Enter the reset email address you registered with.
  • Individuals or independent users may need to provide their SIREN.
  • You will receive a link to confirm your login and create a new password.
  • Contact support if you experience any issues with password recovery.

To activate your account for the first time

Begin by selecting the safe option from the menu.This will guide you to the secure document storage area within MyArkevia.Follow the prompts to complete the registration process by entering your provided registration number and secret code.Once done, your MyArkevia account will be fully activated and accessible.

Choose the “safe” option from the menu 

Accessing your account is straightforward.Simply navigate to the menu and choose the safe option.This will lead you to the secure document storage area where you can manage your HR documents efficiently.Whether you are a new user or returning, this step ensures easy access to your MyArkevia account.

How to access your HR documents?

  • Login to MyArkevia with your credentials.
  • Select “safe” from the menu to access documents.
  • View HR files securely from any device.
  • Retrieve pay slips and certificates easily.
  • Get instant notifications for shared documents.
  • Navigate intuitively for quick document access.

How to contact Arkevia?

Contacting Arkevia is straightforward.Simply scroll to the bottom of the website’s homepage and click on the Contact option.This will lead you to a contact form where you can enter your query or issue. 


Provide the requested information, submit the form and the Arkevia support team will promptly address your concerns.If you encounter any problems or difficulties with MyArkevia, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. 

The Arkevia support team is dedicated to providing timely and effective solutions to ensure a smooth user experience.Whether you need help with login issues, password resets and any other inquiries, contacting Arkevia is the first step to resolving your concerns.


What is a digital safe?

A digital safe is an online platform for securely storing and managing electronic documents.

How to use digital safe?

To use a digital safe, simply log in, upload your documents and access them securely online.

What documents can I store on MyArkevia?

MyArkevia allows you to store a wide range of HR-related documents, including pay slips, certificates, invoices and more.

Final Thought

MyArkevia offers a user friendly solution for modern HR management.With its secure document storage, seamless accessibility and robust features, MyArkevia streamlines HR processes while promoting efficiency and sustainability. 

Embrace the future of HR administration with MyArkevia and revolutionize the way you manage your documents.Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to the ease and convenience of digital solutions.Join the MyArkevia community today and experience the benefits firsthand.

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