Is Azzlee Legit? The Review With Everything You Need To Know

Azzlee the name on everyone’s lips in the online fashion world.Well, it is not just another run of the mill clothing website.It prides itself on offering trendy and stylish options for women of all shapes and sizes.But does this flashy facade hold up under scrutiny? Let’s peel back the layers and see what lies beneath.

When I landed on Azzlee’s website, I was greeted with a sleek and modern interface and promising an array of chic clothing options.From flowy summer dresses to cozy knitwear,it seemed to have it all.But as they say, looks can be deceiving.Let’s delve deeper and find out.

Now, l talk about the elephant in the room sustainability.In today’s eco conscious world, it is essential for companies to prioritize sustainability.Unfortunately, Azzlee falls short in this department.With no mention of sustainable practices on their website, it leaves us questioning their commitment to ethical fashion. But hey, maybe there is more to the story.Let’s uncover the truth behind Azzlee’s sustainability efforts, or lack thereof.

About Azzlee

Azzlee is your go to online destination for trendy women’s fashion.With a focus on inclusivity, they offer a wide range of clothing options designed to flatter every body type.Whether you are searching for casual everyday wear or something more sophisticated for a special occasion, Azzlee has you covered.


Their website boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to browse through their extensive collection of stylish apparel. From chic tops to elegant dresses, it aims to provide affordable fashion that doesn’t compromise on quality or style.So, if you are looking to revamp your wardrobe with on trend pieces, Azzlee is the place to be!

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What is Azzlee?

It is an online retailer specializing in women’s fashion.They offer a diverse range of clothing designed to suit various body types and style preferences.From casual everyday wear to elegant dresses for special occasions, Azzlee aims to provide trendy and affordable options for fashion forward individuals.

Is Azzlee sustainable?

Unfortunately, it does not appear to prioritize sustainability.There is no information on their website regarding efforts towards eco-friendly practices or initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.This lack of transparency raises concerns about their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion.

Is Azzlee an American company?


Despite claims of being an American company in email communications, its website states that they are located in China.Additionally, their business address and Facebook Page Transparency section indicate operations based in China.This discrepancy in location information raises questions about the company’s authenticity and transparency.

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Where is Azzlee clothing from?

Azzlee clothing is predominantly manufactured in China.Although the brand claims an American identity in some communications, the physical origin of their products is rooted in China, with the suppliers based in Asia.This insight sheds light on the global nature of their production.

Where does Azzlee ship from?

Azzlee ships its products from warehouses located both in the United States and Asia.This dual-location strategy enables them to efficiently manage inventory and deliver orders based on geographic proximity.Customers might receive their packages from distribution centers in the United States, despite the initial shipment originating in China.

More Shop Details

Establishment: was created in April 2021, reflecting its relatively recent presence in the online shopping scene.

Legal Business Name: Transactions with Azzlee are processed under the legal business name Azzlee LTD, offering transparency in financial dealings.

Shipping Benefits:The website provides free shipping for orders exceeding $79, incentivizing customers to reach a certain spending threshold.

Return Policy: Azzlee allows returns within a 30 day window from the delivery date, providing flexibility for customers who may need to reconsider their purchases.

Size Inclusivity:Azzlee caters to a wide range of body types by offering plus sizes up to 5XL, promoting inclusivity in their fashion offerings.

Azzlee Review and Order Details


In my Azzlee review, I’ll delve into the specifics of my shopping experience, detailing the items I purchased and my honest thoughts on each.From floral printed shorts to graphic sweatshirts, I shall provide insights into the colors, sizes, materials and overall quality of the products. Additionally, I shall share essential order details such as pricing, shipping information and any noteworthy observations from my interaction with the brand.Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of my Azzlee order.

1) Floral-Printed Casual Summer Shorts

Color, Size, and Cost: White / M / $20.99

Country of Origin: Made in China

Material: 100% Polyester

Expectation vs. Reality: Matching expectations in appearance

Quality Assessment: Acceptable quality, akin to running shorts

Fit Evaluation: Fits as per size guide, slightly snug in the waist

Decision: Opting to keep due to comfort and non see-through lining

2) Graphic Round-Neck Dragonfly-Printed Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt**

Color, Size and Cost: Gray / L / $29.99

Country of Origin: Made in China

Material: 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex

Expectation vs. Reality: Deviation in color and material thickness

Quality Assessment: Mediocre quality, akin to a thin t shirt

Fit Evaluation: Fits well based on size guide

Decision: Choosing to return due to thin material and overpricing

3) Casual Round-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

Color, Size, and Cost: Red / M / $38.99

Country of Origin: Made in China

Material: 100% Acrylic

Expectation vs. Reality: Significantly different color and texture from product image

Quality Assessment: Mediocre quality, thin and prone to unraveling

Fit Evaluation: Fits well based on size guide

Decision: Opting to return due to discrepancy in appearance and thin material

Shipment Info

Upon placing my order on February 6th, 2023, the shipping process unfolded smoothly with a comprehensive tracking system.The package, comprising three distinct items, was dispatched from the United States warehouse on February 9th, eventually reaching my doorstep in North Carolina on February 18th.


This 12 day timeline aligned closely with their shipping policy of up to 15 business days, including processing time for standard U.S. shipments. The transparency in tracking details and adherence to the stipulated time frame contributed positively to my overall Azzlee experience.

Return & Refund Info

My interaction with Azzlee’s return and refund procedures commenced on February 22nd, as I initiated a return request via email to [email protected].The approval process, completed on March 8th, demonstrated a 14 day duration.Upon receiving the return address 24823 Brookville Blvd, Rosedale, NY 11422.I promptly shipped the package on March 11th via USPS, incurring a return postage cost of $11.30. Remarkably, the full refund of $80.97 was processed swiftly, reflecting in my account on March 15th, just four days post mailing.This expedited refund process was a notable highlight, contributing to the overall efficiency of Azzlee’s customer service in managing returns and refunds.

Support Experience

Engaging with Azzlee’s customer support, albeit informative and presented a mixed experience. While the detailed responses, especially regarding the company’s background and product guidelines, were appreciated, the extended response time of 3,4 days for each email created a significant lag in communication.

Notably, obtaining the return address proved to be a challenging aspect and required four requests before resolution.The support team’s persistent encouragement to retain the items with alternative refund options was somewhat off putting. 

Despite these challenges, the support team remained diligent in providing essential return instructions and guidelines, emphasizing the importance of unworn and undamaged items with original labels for successful returns.

Is Azzlee Legit or a Scam?

In determining the legitimacy of Azzlee as an online retailer, it is crucial to weigh the evidence provided by my personal shopping experience against any potential red flags.Based on my encounter, Azzlee appears to be a legitimate company. 


I successfully received my order, initiated a return, and obtained a full refund, all indicative of a functional and trustworthy business operation.It is essential to note that my experience may not mirror that of every customer.

While Azzlee demonstrated reliability in fulfilling my order and processing returns, factors such as communication delays and discrepancies between product expectations and reality may influence individual perceptions of the brand’s credibility.Therefore, while Azzlee may not fit the definition of a scam, prospective shoppers should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making purchasing decisions.

Similar Sites & Analysis

Upon delving into Azzlee’s operations and offerings, it is prudent to explore similar websites and conduct a comparative analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of the online fashion landscape.

Through reverse image searches and plagiarism detection tools, it becomes apparent that Azzlee’s product listings bear resemblance to items found on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Temu, eBay and AliExpress.This discovery raises questions about Azzlee’s pricing strategy and potential markup on products sourced from alternative platforms. 

Similarities in website layouts, product descriptions and business addresses among Azzlee and other online stores hint at potential affiliations or shared ownership.While these findings do not inherently imply illegitimacy, they underscore the importance of discernment and informed decision-making when navigating the vast array of online shopping options available.

Do I Recommend This Shop?

In reflecting on my Azzlee shopping experience, I find myself hesitant to wholeheartedly recommend this shop to fellow consumers.While Azzlee fulfilled its basic obligations of order fulfillment and refund processing, several aspects of my interaction with the brand left much to be desired.


The prolonged response times from customer support, coupled with the insistence on retaining purchased items despite my desire for a refund, cast a shadow of doubt on the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Discrepancies between product expectations and reality, along with pricing disparities compared to similar items found on alternative platforms and diminish the value proposition offered by Azzlee.Therefore, while Azzlee may serve as a viable option for individuals seeking affordable fashion, I advise prospective shoppers to approach with caution and manage their expectations accordingly.


Who is the owner of Azzlee?

The owner of Azzlee is not explicitly identified in the provided information.

Is it OK to order from Shein?

Ordering from Shein is generally okay, but it is important to consider factors like ethical concerns and product quality..

Does Shei have good clothes?

The quality of Shei’s clothes varies; it’s best to check reviews for specific items.

Is Light in a Box legit?

Yes, Light in a Box is a legitimate company.

Final Thought

Azzlee presents itself as a viable option for online fashion shopping, offering a range of trendy clothing items with a focus on inclusivity.While my personal experience revealed some shortcomings in communication and product consistency, Azzlee ultimately fulfills its basic obligations of order fulfillment and refund processing .

Prospective shoppers should approach with caution, conducting thorough research and managing expectations to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience.

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