Everything You Need To Know About Crowdbunker

Crowdbunker is your fortress of freedom in the digital age.In a landscape marred by online censorship, it stands tall as a sanctuary for free expression.Founded by Matthieu, a true trailblazer in the realm of social networks, this platform empowers users to protect their digital content from unjust suppression.

Step into a world where your voice matters most with Crowdbunker.Sync your channels effortlessly, break free from censorship, and preserve your digital presence.Join our community of digital pioneers and reclaim your right to express yourself online. 

Crowdbunker is a platform designed to protect your online content from censorship.Founded by Matthieu, it empowers users to sync their channels across multiple platforms, ensuring their voice remains heard.Join Crowdbunker to safeguard your right to free expression in the digital world.

The origin of Crowdbunker

Crowdbunker was born from the frustration of online censorship.Matthieu, inspired to make a change, conceived the idea in November 2020.He envisioned a platform where users could protect their content from unjust suppression. 

With determination and vision, Matthieu laid the foundation for Crowdbunker to become a beacon of free expression in the digital realm.Matthieu’s revolutionary concept gained traction, especially after the resurgence of the controversial documentary, Hold Up. 

Crowdbunker became a rallying point for those seeking to safeguard their voices.Today, it stands as a testament to the power of one person’s vision to ignite change in the online world.

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Crowdbunker’s mission

Crowdbunker’s mission is to defend freedom of expression online.It provides a platform for users to protect their content from arbitrary censorship.By syncing channels across various platforms, Crowdbunker ensures that voices are not silenced unjustly.


Its goal is to create a space where individuals can express themselves freely without fear of suppression.Crowdbunker aims to democratize access to online expression, championing the right for all to be heard in the digital realm.

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How does Crowdbunker work?

Crowdbunker works by allowing users to sync their channels with the platform.This means that when content creators publish videos on platforms like YouTube, they can link their channels to Crowdbunker.Once linked, Crowdbunker automatically duplicates and backs up the videos, ensuring they remain accessible even if they are censored or removed from the original platform. 

Users simply need to follow a few steps to sync their channels and protect their content.Once a channel is synced, Crowdbunker intercepts the video links and imports them to its servers.If censorship occurs, the content remains available through a Crowdbunker link. 

This revolutionary system ensures that users can express themselves freely without fear of suppression.With Crowdbunker, content creators can preserve their voice and share their message with the world.

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November 17, 2020: The CrowdBunker.com domain name is registered

On November 17, 2020, the domain name CrowdBunker.com was officially registered.This marked the beginning of a new chapter in the fight for freedom of expression online.With its inception, CrowdBunker aimed to provide a safe haven for individuals seeking to protect their digital content from censorship and suppression.


Since its registration, CrowdBunker has evolved into a beacon of hope for content creators, whistleblowers and advocates of free speech.Through its innovative platform, users can synchronize their channels across various platforms, ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear. Join the movement today and reclaim your right to express yourself freely in the digital realm.

The idea was born: CrowdBunker would be “the bunker for crowds”

The idea for CrowdBunker was simple which created a safe space for everyone online.It would be a digital sanctuary where voices could not be silenced.Born from the frustration of unfair censorship, CrowdBunker aimed to be the ultimate defender of free expression.

Matthieu, the visionary behind CrowdBunker, envisioned it as “the bunker for crowds.” It would empower users to stand tall against censorship, syncing their channels across platforms. With CrowdBunker, the power to speak freely and without fear would belong to the people.


How does CrowdBunker protect my content?

CrowdBunker allows you to sync your channels across multiple platforms.

What should I do if I encounter content that violates CrowdBunker’s policies?

You can report it by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the post.

Can I stop my recurring donations to CrowdBunker?

Yes, you can stop them at any time by sending a request via email.

Final Thought

In conclusion, CrowdBunker emerges as a beacon of hope in the digital landscape, providing a haven for free expression online.With its innovative platform, users can sync their channels across multiple platforms, safeguarding their voices from unjust censorship. 

By empowering individuals to speak freely and without fear, CrowdBunker embodies the spirit of democratic values in the digital age.Join us in shaping a more inclusive and expressive online community with CrowdBunker.

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