Breckie Hill Sister, Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wiki, Dating Family 2024

Breckie Hill is a 20 year old dynamo from Edina, Minnesota.With her infectious energy and trendsetting fashion sense, she has captured the hearts of millions on social media.

Born April 18, 2003, Breckie Hill’s journey to fame began in her hometown of Edina, Minnesota. Passionate about creativity and performance, she quickly rose to prominence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

From entertaining videos to empowering messages, Breckie has become a role model for young people everywhere. Join us as we explore the world of this inspiring young star and uncover the secrets to her meteoric rise to stardom.

Who is Breckie Hill?

She is a 20 year old social media sensation hailing from Edina, Minnesota.With her vibrant personality and captivating content, she has garnered a massive following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram

Known for her infectious energy, trendsetting fashion sense, and empowering messages, Breckie has become a role model for young people worldwide. Whether she’s sharing entertaining videos or spreading positivity, she continues to inspire and uplift her audience with every post.

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Full Real NameBreckie Hill
Date of BirthApril 18, 2003
Age (as of 2023)20 years old
Place of BirthEdina, Minnesota, United States
Current ResidenceMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Model, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$700,000
Zodiac SignAries
Favorite ColorPurple

Early Life and Education

Breckie Hill, born on April 18, 2003, in Edina, Minnesota, showed a knack for entertainment from a young age, impressing her family with her performances.Attending a local high school, she balanced her studies with her passion for creativity, actively participating in drama club and other extracurricular activities

Breckie Hill

With a clear vision for her future, Breckie embraced social media as a platform for self-expression, paving the way for her remarkable journey from aspiring creator to social media luminary.

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Breckie Hill’s parents and siblings

Family MemberRelationshipDetails
Mr. HillFatherSupportive and encouraging
Mrs. HillMotherLoving and nurturing
SiblingsBrothers/SistersClose-knit bond

Breckie Hill is fortunate to have a supportive family in Edina, Minnesota.While specific details about her siblings are not widely known, it is evident that they share a close bond. Breckie often mentions the importance of family time and cherishes moments spent with her loved ones, showcasing the strong foundation that has helped shape her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Breckie Hill’s Husband and Boyfriend 

As of now, she has not shared any information about her husband and boyfriend publicly.It seems she is focusing on her career and personal growth at the moment.Breckie, being young, has plenty of time to explore romantic relationships in the future.For now, her fans continue to support her incredible talent and achievements in the world of social media.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Age20 years old
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Height5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size4 US

Breckie Hill, at 20 years old, stands approximately 5’5″ tall (165 cm) and weighs around 50 kg (110 lbs). She has blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a pierced ear. Her petite stature and charming appearance contribute to her appeal as a social media star.


At just 20 years old, she’s already a superstar on TikTok and Instagram.Her videos are creative and fun, and people love her style.But Breckie does not stop there.She is also a model and entrepreneur, making and selling cool products.She is passionate about entertaining and inspiring others and it shows in everything she does.

Breckie Hill

Beyond social media, Breckie’s career is full of opportunities.With her talent and determination, there’s no limit to what she can achieve.She is a shining example of how the internet can help you build a successful career, no matter your age.Breckie’s journey is proof that with hard work and passion, dreams really can come true.

Before fame

Before Breckie Hill rose to fame, she was just like any other teenager in Edina, Minnesota.She had a passion for creativity and entertaining others from a young age.She loved making videos and performing for her family and friends, showcasing her natural talent.

She also participated in high school drama club and other activities, nurturing her passion for self expression.Despite her early aspirations, Breckie’s journey to stardom was not immediate. Like many, she faced challenges and uncertainties along the way.

Fueled by her determination and unwavering belief in herself, she embraced her talents and used the internet as a platform to share her creativity with the world.Through hard work and perseverance, she turned her dreams into reality, inspiring others to pursue their passions with the same fervor.

Breckie Hill’s Net Worth and Achievements

She has achieved remarkable success at just 20 years old, boasting a net worth of $700,000. Her journey to stardom began on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where her engaging content and vibrant personality captured the hearts of millions.

Breckie Hill

Beyond monetary success, she has become a role model for aspiring creators, inspiring them to pursue their passions and embrace their uniqueness.With a massive following on social media, Breckie has leveraged her influence to venture into modeling and entrepreneurship, creating unique products and showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. 

Her impact extends far beyond the digital realm, as she continues to inspire and empower young people worldwide. Breckie’s achievements serve as a testament to the power of talent, determination, and the endless possibilities of the digital age.

Breckie Hill Legacy and Impact

  • Inspires self love and body positivity through her uplifting content
  • Acts as a role model for young creators, encouraging them to pursue their passions
  • Promotes a healthy mindset and confidence among her followers
  • Demonstrates the importance of hard work and determination in achieving success
  • Leaves a lasting impression on the social media world with her authenticity and creativity

Breckie Hill Hobbies

Breckie Hill has many fun hobbies.She loves to dance and often shows off her moves to her followers.Fashion is another passion of hers, she enjoys putting together stylish outfits and sharing them on social media.Breckie also enjoys traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures. 

In her free time, she likes to cook and experiment with new recipes, as well as take photographs of interesting things she sees. These hobbies allow Breckie to express her creativity and connect with her audience in unique ways.

Exciting Facts About Breckie Hill 

  • Breckie’s favorite color is purple, often seen in her outfits and room decor.
  • She adores animals and has two cute dogs named Charlie and Bella.
  • Exploring different cuisines is a passion; she loves trying out new foods and restaurants.
  • A fan of superhero moviesshe has a collection of action figures and comic books.
  • Traveling is one of her joys, having visited exciting destinations like Paris, Tokyo, and Sydney.
  • Breckie actively participates in local charities and volunteers to give back to her community.
  • Outdoor activities like hiking and biking are among her favorite pastimes.
  • With a talent for painting, she creates beautiful artwork in her leisure time.
  • Breckie enjoys reading various genres, from fantasy to romance.
  • Dancing is one of her talents, often choreographing routines to share with her followers.
  • A skilled baker, she loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.
  • Hosting game nights and movie marathons with friends is a favorite way to unwind.
  • Breckie’s passion for fashion shines through as she styles creative and unique outfits.
  • She advocates for mental health awareness, regularly sharing tips for maintaining a positive mindset.
  • Known for her supportive nature, Breckie is a great listener who uplifts her friends and followers.


How old is Breckie Hill?

 Breckie Hill is 20 years old, born on April 18, 2003.

Where is Breckie Hill from?

She is from Edina, Minnesota, in the United States.

What does Breckie Hill do?

She is a social media star, model and entrepreneur.

Does Breckie Hill have a boyfriend?

 As of now, Breckie Hill has not publicly shared any information about her romantic relationships.

What is Breckie Hill’s net worth?

 Breckie Hill’s net worth is estimated to be around $700,000.

Final Thought

Breckie Hill is a remarkable young talent.Her journey from Edina, Minnesota, to social media stardom has captivated millions. With a net worth of $700,000 and a legion of devoted fans, Breckie’s influence extends far beyond social media.

Her commitment to self love and authenticity has made her a role model.As Breckie continues to inspire others, her legacy as a beacon of positivity is sure to endure.With boundless creativity, she exemplifies the limitless potential of today’s youth.

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